A Journey, You Say?

I’ve recently been informed by my partner that I will be going on a journey of self-discovery. A little background; I’m a wanderer. I can’t stay in one place for very long so to have been in one province for almost 6 years is mind-boggling. Needless to say I’m itching to get out. My partner on the other hand is happy to stay in one spot forever. Literally, one spot. Preferably with internet access.

So, for the five and a half years of our relationship (and he knew me for years before we started dating so he knew what he was getting into) I have mentioned going on a trip now and then. Over the past year that urge has increased 100 fold. Finally, he said that I had to go so that he didn’t feel bad about holding me back.

Keeping in mind that I’m terrified of being in social situations by myself this will be good for many things. Good for our relationship (I’ll get the travelbug out of my system for a bit and we’ll both appreciate eachother more), good for me and my social issues, and good for him because he’ll actually get peace and quiet for a bit. Well, as much peace and quiet as can be afforded with 5 animals. On the plus side, we’ll most likely be able to afford the trip and a house. I’m waiting to hear back from the mortgage people before I start any concrete planning, but the basic planning has been fun.

Where to go, Asia, Europe, or South America. It’s a two-month trip so wherever I go has to have good transportation (busses in South America, trains in Europe and Asia). I’ll most likely go to Europe since I don’t have to get inoculations and things like that. They cost more money ya know.

Other factors to take into consideration are the fact that I’m a single woman. Not a huge deal, but could be an issue in some places. Plus, it will be winter in Europe so I’ll have to pack a bit heavier if I go there.

I’m so excited to see how this unfolds! Will update as I go. Ciao!

Another post has been ROCKED!


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