What a Weekend!

My friend’s wedding came and went, I made the cupcakes and they were delicious. The night was fairly entertaining. My boyfriend usually doesn’t drink and isn’t a terribly loud person decided to relive his high school days with some of his buddies (we all went to school togather, groom, friends, me, boyfriend) and had a “Frank the Tank” reprisal. He yelled, leapt, wrestled, ran…then puked. Poor man. No lesson learned.

I wore fake eye lashes for the first time. In the heat they felt like they were melting together but they seemed to feel fine in the cooler air. Of course all the pictures were done in heat so hopefully they look okay.

The reception was at the Viscount in Winnipeg. Nice venue, horrible food. I do not recommend it. Even the breakfast buffet the next day was terrible. Don’t go if you can avoid it.

Now, everything is done (except my trip to Toronto) so I can concentrate on my trip to Europe. I’ve nailed down the countries (Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, Italy, Spain, France, England) but I need to know if I have to fly to the Caribbean from Heathrow for my friend’s baby’s birth or not. So the last days of my trip are not quite covered. I’m working on getting my passport today and my boyfriend is going to see about getting a credit card to purchase plane tickets. I have a massive list to get through but lots of time, so one thing to worry about per week. I’m trying not to get excited since it feels like something might go wrong, but it’s hard not to plan and hope. So, here’s hopin’ I guess.

Another post has been ROCKED!


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