My Favorite Travel Guides

I’ve been hitting up the library fairly regularly these days. First there was that huge book sale but now it’s a good resource for planning my trip (if indeed it will be happening). One of the books I happened to grab during the sale was Rick Steve’s France and it was the best $.50 I ever spent! I’ve pretty much completely planned the France portion of my trip based on the guidebook. I’ve now borrowed (all Rick Steve) England, Spain, Europe City Walks, Europe Through The Backdoor, and Italy.

I’m trying not to be excited for this trip because (and call me a pessimist) I think something will happen to prevent it. Like, we’ll need more money than we thought for the mortgage, or Aaron won’t be able to get the credit card in time to pay for flights and things (I don’t have a job so I can’t get one).

Despite fighting the growing excitement, I am still planning pretty hardcore. The second it’s all a go I will be able to hit the ground running because I’ll know where I want to go, how, and when.

To be honest though, I started reading about Southeast Asia and that is MIGHTY tempting. But I’d rather wait for Aaron to go on that one.

So far I’ve decided on transportation (train-15 day 2 month Eurail Flexi-pass), countries (Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, Italy, Spain, France, England), my activities in France, and. accommodation type (hostel). I’ve also got my packing list pretty much complete and will be starting my passport process shortly. So much to do and it’s all so exciting!!! I also need to find a good backpack and day bag. If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to mention them in the comments section. Happy travels everyone!

Another post has been ROCKED!


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