Eco-Friendly Travel

I make a lot of my own products. Deodorant, hair spray, toothpaste, laundry detergent, shampoo and a few more things. I also use honey and oil to wash my face. These are all fairly eco-friendly but may not look that great going through an airport scanner. I don’t want to be detained because I have a baggie full of baking soda that looks suspicious. So, here’s what I can bring, what I can’t, and what I’ll have to make-do with.

Usually I use a mix of coconut milk, castille soap, and baking soda. The coconut milk easily goes rancid so I can’t premix it and I’m not carrying 18 cans with me. I already stated that I won’t be bringing the baking soda with me so I’ll buy it there, bring castille soap (they just have to smell it to figure out it’s soap), and I’ll mix the baking soda, soap, and a little water when I have to shampoo.

Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with water is my choice for sealed ends and shiny strands. I’ll just buy it in Europe otherwise it could explode in transit. A bottle should last me for my trip easily.

Unfortunately my deodorant, while being quite nice and not Alzheimers causing, melts and leaks very easily. I’ll have to go commercial since no eco-friendly deodorant I’ve found contains the musk and moisture. Booo.

Castille Soap:
I use this as my daily body wash and with a properly sealed bottle it will be easy enough to bring over. No problems there.

Face Products:
I use unpasteurized honey in the morning on my face and every few days I use a mix of castor, olive, and avocado oil. I won’t be able to easily transport any of these. This makes me sad. I’ll be looking for a good facial bar and my face is tough enough to be able to use soap in a pinch with no real damage. But it sucks. A lot.

Other than all that I don’t think my detergent will be a problem since people have to bring detergent in smaller containers on trips like this anyway. I’d like to avoid using plastic baggies but I’m not sure how since I have to make room and they are ideal for storage. I’ll have to be super eco-conscious over the next few months to really balance it all out.

I’ll also miss my tea. But I’ll make do with beer and wine.

Another post has been ROCKED!


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