Trial Run Through at the Airport

On Saturday I will be flying from Winnipeg to Toronto. Not a major flight, but I can see if my weird products will make it through the check-in screening. I’ve packed my homemade toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, mouth wash, deodorant, oil face wash, and honey wash. I know I said I won’t be taking a lot of this stuff on my Europe flight but if I can get it through on this trip then the few things I’m taking to Europe shouldn’t be a problem.

I’ve put each product (except hairspray and mouth wash) into a baby food jar then placed them in twos in ziploc bags. I then took old socks and shoved each bag inside to prevent breakage. In case you’re wondering why I’m packed already I’ve come to my friend’s house to stay a few days before flying out. She’s babysitting my dog so I thought it might be nice to acclimate my dog to the household. All my products survived the drive out here without leaking so I’m hoping they’ll survive the air pressure.

Everything is pretty snug in my big suitcase. I’ve packed more for this 5 day trip then I will for my two month trip which I find humorous, but I have to be fancy when visiting my dad. Just in case.

Another post has been ROCKED!


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