Return From Smog City

We’ve returned (and somewhat recovered) from our trip to Toronto. What a week. I have a father who insists on using plastic and claims he loves chemicals and additives in his food and products. It may be a defeatist attitude but I don’t even try to argue with him. There are very few people that I won’t try to sway. He is one of them.

His attitude toward everything (religion, politics, environment, food, locations other than Toronto, hotdogs…) is disgusting. He’s racist and bigoted. I don’t know where he got his hateful close minded attitude from, or how it manages to survive in a cultural smorgasbord such as Toronto, but I’m glad I did not inherit it. I just sit silently and ignore him when he says something truly ignorant. He used to be able to draw me into arguments at the drop of a hat, but no more!

Other than all that it was nice to see his wife and my sisters, one of which I was meeting for the first time. It was also neat to walk around downtown Toronto.

Aaron and I took a train from my dad’s suburb to downtown Toronto for a day of shopping, food, and experiencing the cultural smorgasbord I mentioned above. We started our day at St. Lawrence Market which is STOCKED with an amazing selection of dry goods, cheese, meat, fish, baked goods, pasta…and a nice coffee shop in the basement. I also found waste disposal units that included a recycling AND a compost bin. That was very exciting.

We wandered up Queen St. where we found an awesome little vintage clothing store full of neat clothes, belts, shoes, and accessories for $10 and under. Aaron had to stop at the XBox store of course to play with the Kinect. Then up Spadina through Chinatown. What a cool place! It’s so full of markets, people, color, and smells. I had to stop and eat a sesame ball (squishy hollow ball full of red bean paste and rolled in sesame seeds).

Last time we were in Toronto we accidentally wound up at a delicious Italian restaurant called Mercatto. They have three locations so we went to the one on College St. Tasty as usual. I recommend the risotto balls. They aren’t vegan but they’re nice and crispy and we have to indulge now and then, right?

We were going to head to the Royal Ontario Museum (just north of Mercatto) which has free admission on Wednesdays after 3:30 but my feet had started feeling like somebody was punching the bottoms of them. We walked back to Union station and took a train home.

The rest of the week was just as interesting in that we ate. A lot. We hit up Wasabi, an all you can eat sushi bar which Aaron said he never wanted to leave. There was a night of East Indian food where I finally got to meet my dad’s in-laws. They were very nice but informed me they didn’t speak much English (they’re from China) and I said that was okay because I didn’t speak any Chinese so we talked about the Indian food. It’s a tradition for us to go for dim sum when we come out for a visit. It didn’t disappoint as usual.

I finally got to see and play with an iPad. I loved it so much that I ordered an iPad 2 as soon as we got home. I can’t wait for it to arrive. I assume it will be just as awesome as I remember. I mainly played Angry Birds, but I’ll utilize much more with my own…heh.

Another post has been ROCKED!


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