Still haven’t tried out Word Press for the iPad

I know I said I’d post from the iPad (not that it makes a difference to you folks) but I haven’t. I don’t get to McDonalds enough…never thought I’d say that. I’m still posting from my BlackBerry, which is unfortunate since I don’t know how to post pics. Hopefully that will be rectified with the iPad.

I’m about to go against my animal rights beliefs and brutally murder my dog. With school starting back up she is insisting on barking at every child who walks by since apparently they are all up to mischief (being children and all). I’ve been trying a few techniques. Taking her away from the situation by bringing her inside, putting her in her kennel for “time out”, and/or yelling mercilessly at her. We’ll see how it all pans out.

My iPad is going splendidly by the way. It’s very exciting to read my books, write my diary, and play Pocket Frogs all on the same item. I can’t wait until we have wireless internet and I can expand that list to include looking at LoLs cats and watching YouTube. Awesome!!!

Speaking of iPad, I downloaded the movie 2012 to watch on it. I stupidly watched it by myself and proceeded to not sleep because I was positive the world was about to explode. I didn’t hear any reviews on it, but I thought it was kind of fun. I love disaster/explosion movies (Michael Bay is my hero) so it was right up my alleys. I could do without all the little love stories, they just aren’t my thing, but if a person is in to that then they’ll enjoy that aspect of the movie.

I also watched Hot Tub Time Machine for the second time. Now, I don’t claim to be an intellectual or nothin’ but that movie makes me look like Einstein. But it is seriously hilarious. One of my favorite stupid movies. It gives exactly what it says it will. For crap sakes, it’s called Hot Tub Time Machine…what could you possibly expect from it?

As for environmental aspects of my life, I really haven’t gone anywhere or done anything lately that required an e-mail or letter or comment. I’m enjoying Apple’s products with the whole digitizing and paperlessness so that’s all good. We’re about to buy the super special edition of Gears of War 3, so I’m assuming that is so packed full of unnecessary packaging that it requires a crane to lift it. I’ll have to see what’s recyclable and what’s not. Sigh. But they’re such good games and my partner so desperately wanted it and I just can’t say no to him! Plus with all the changes he’s made, I figured this one little (huge) item is deserved. Oh well, I’ll fight the man in other aspects of life. No more TP packaging!!!

Another post has been ROCKED!


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